Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Branch is a division of Marine Corps Community Services. Licensed clinicians and certified advocates who have passed credentialing requirements team up with professional prevention specialists to provide multiple educational and treatment options. These programs include Intervention and Treatment Services (Family Advocacy Program and the Community Counseling Center), Victim Advocacy, Prevention and Education Services, New Parent Support,  Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Substance Abuse Counseling Center, and the Drug Demand Reduction Program. 

 Our goals are to provide education, support, guidance, treatment and intervention to individuals, couples, and families in need of assistance or who have been mandated for intervention services. Training and support are available on a unit level for each program. For a list of classes, please call 269-2561.

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Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC)

The Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC) is dedicated to offering education and intervention assistance for individuals of the military community who are experiencing substance abuse problems or have questions about drug use and their effects.

 Participants completing any of these services are offered a continuum of care to assist in the transition of new lifestyle skills and behavior management.  Assistance is always offered on a voluntary basis, but can be Command and/or court-ordered after an incident.

Educational services are available from individual to full Command level, upon request.

Office: 928.269.5634 | Building 598 | 0730-1600


Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

The Alcohol Abuse Prevention Specialist’s primary responsibility is to support Marine alcohol abuse prevention activities, and review surrounding community reports detailing the current alcohol situation or other reports as appropriate is important.  The AAPP’s goal is to help identify risk factors in the base community that relate to alcohol incidents. The primary goals are (1) to reduce alcohol related incidents, (2) eliminate/reduce under-age drinking, and (3) reduce alcohol related problems due to driving under the influence.  Trainings and educational classes are offered at least once a month for the Marines/Sailors and their dependents at the Substance Abuse Program Center.  Activities and events are also coordinated through the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program to reach MCAS staff, leaders, youth, and other community stake holders. 

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Office: 928.269.3079 | Building 598


Family Advocacy Program

Family Advocacy services are available when an act of abuse or neglect has been alleged. These cases are more serious in nature and indicate a definable threat to the victim’s safety. These cases are monitored very closely and include intensive rehabilitation services for both the victim and offender.

Office: 928.269.2561 | Building 598 | 0700-1630


Victim Advocacy Support Program

The Victim Advocacy Program provides services and support to identified victims of spouse/intimate partner abuse and non-offending parents of victims of child abuse/neglect. The Victim Advocate is on call 24 hours per day and may be reached on the Victim Advocate hotline after office hours.

Services provided by the Victim Advocate include emotional support, assistance with court services, safety planning, referral to additional resources, and accompaniment to and from necessary appointments and court appearances. Additionally, immediate intervention is available, if requested by the victim at the time of the incident.

Victim Advocates will cover two reporting options: restricted and unrestricted. Restricted reports include access to Victim Advocate services, medical care, and counseling without command or law enforcement involvement. Unrestricted reports include the same services as restricted reports but also involve command and law enforcement to open an investigation and address safety needs.

Office: 928.269.2561 | Hotline: 928.941.3650 | Building 598 


New Parent Support

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) consists of a professional team of social workers and/or nurses who provide services to military families with children from birth through five years of age.  Trained home visitors assist parents with the challenges of parenting in the military. Through a variety of programs, including home visits, supportive groups, and classes, the NPSP will help parents learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions, and the everyday demands of parenthood.

This program was developed to assist military families in many ways that friends and family often  do back home.

Office: 928.269.2308 | Building 645


Community Counseling

The Community Counseling Center offers individual, couple, and family counseling services covering a range of challenging issues to include grief/loss, adjustments re: deployment, reintegration, moving, employment, communication issues, and dealing with anger or stress. A variety of psycho-educational classes, groups, and workshops are offered.

Office: 928.269.2561 | Building 598 | 0730-1630


Drug Demand Reduction Program

Our Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP) has been the recipient of the Secretary of Defense Community Drug Awareness Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. The DDRP is designed to educate Marines about the dangers and consequences of illegal drug use, including abuse and misuse of prescription medication.  To accomplish this mission, different elements are utilized such as: urinalysis testing program, special training for Unit Substance Abuse Control Officers (SACOs), educational briefings to Commands, and special promotions/activities in conjunction with the Single Marine Program and Semper Fit.

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Office: 928.269.2791 | Building 598 


Sexual Assualt Prevention & Response Program

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR) serves as a focal point for coordinating all sexual assault prevention and response actions. The SAPR’s mission is two-fold: to address the needs of military members and dependents who have been victims of sexual assault and to proactively provide relevant interactive training on a regular, continuous basis to all Marines, Sailors, and civilians aboard MCAS Yuma in an effort to eliminate sexual assault from within our ranks. There are civilian Victim Advocates and Uniformed Victim Advocates available to help decrease the stress related to a sexual assault. The Victim Advocates have undergone intensive training and are able to offer victim assistance in three main areas: support, providing information about the different reporting options afforded to them, and referrals to a multitude of different resources-both on base and in the civilian community.

Office: 928.269.2994/2990 | 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line 928.941.3601 | Building 598 | 0800 - 1630


Preventions & Education Services

Prevention and Education Services are concurrent goals of the Family Advocacy Program.  Through education, awareness, identification, reporting, and early intervention with moderate to high-risk individuals and families, the risk of family violence can be minimized.  Prevention and Education services offers self-improvement classes, support groups and a variety of children’s programs.

The goals of Prevention and Education are to offer programs that enhance relationship building skills, provide on-going support, and provide opportunities for activities that decrease isolation and build positive relationships for any individual, couple, or family. All classes and programs are available on a voluntary basis.  Services are provided in an open and welcome environment. Our professional staff is always on hand to address specific issues, questions, and concerns that may arise.

Office: 928.269.2561 | Building 598