Voluntary Education Program

The Voluntary Education Program provides personal and professional learning opportunities to the Marine Corps community.  The program positively impacts recruitment, retention, and readiness of all Marines.  Services and resources are provided by qualified counselors and advisors in cooperation with education service providers through individual and group counseling, workshops and training opportunities to include testing for college credit and pre-admission. Marines will be informed of the full breadth of tuition funding sources and how they can advance their degree plans and academic achievement with appropriate courses and institution selections.




DoD, Department of Justice, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Department of Education, and Veterans Affairs have created a centralized school complaint system.

 The system will:

  • Receive school complaints/concerns from all agencies
  • Process complaints
  • Refer matters for civil or criminal enforcement

Executive Order 13607 requires a Centralized Complaint System that will allow students to report concerns in regards to schools' recruiting techniques and other issues at the following link: www.militaryonesource.mil/voluntary-education/complaint.